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MA Defence.
Tomorrow, Monday, at 2.

In the wise words of Rachel Maddow, EVERYBUDDEH FREAKOUT!!!!!
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I am done marking for about a month! Yaaaaay!

I have an official defence date (not when I wanted but it's scheduled), yaaaaay!

I got a haircut (finally) yaaaaaaaaay!

Pics )

Now, reading for Editing Shakespeare (Lots of reading, 60-70 pages) and the Ducks game. (We're already down by one. Come on, boys!)
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"The period of Alexander was called Menander"

"Alexander the Great was a pope that had negative afflictions with theatre."

"After Alexander the Great conquered damn near all the known world"

"In New Comedy, however, the parabola was cut out"

"ended in 404" Okay, I know that the Athenian Classical period ended in 404BCE. But... it's funny when there's no year indicator on it.

"Seneca was a play by Terence"

"to allow the "hooker with a heart of gold" and the "boy next door" to see each other and flourish their love" In most places, flourishing your love at someone will get you arrested...

"to enable them to meet and have kissy kissy time"

"He was a perscriptive, idealist, moralist, and socratic dialogue."

"He is a realist, unlike Plato, and also a: scientist, textonomy, and another word that best describes him is dialogue:"

"large falle penis's" I despair, I really do. What is the world coming to when a young man in university can't spell penises? (That, by the way, is a student noting that his favourite part of the class was the prof discussing satyr penii)

"the braggart soldier's cortizane"

"Terence was a fried slave"

"Terence was a freed salve from North Africa"

"his work was written in spoken Latin"

"Also, that a small penis was considered atractive and dellicata"

"Plautus would be the man from many many years ago that first a strange animal and named it the Platypus." I DON'T EVEN KNOW

"Terence was a Roman Playwrite whose floral use of language meant that his plays were taught in schools"

"Seneca was a play written by Terrence where the people of Athens had become slaves."

So, I did all the marking in 27 hours. 792 questions. That included 10 hours of sleep and an hour of L&O|UK, so 16 hours of marking.

Went to the end of year drinks thing with the prof and took her the exams, explained how it all had shaken out. So, Prof decided that since most of the students didn't explain the significance of the terms and were docked the appropriate 1 pt per question for that, lowering their grades, she wanted to throw out the significance point and so I had to re-mark all 72 to take that into account, adding 7-10 pts to a lot of exams. I feel like I rewarded them for not following the test directions.
Prof said I only had to look at the bottom half of the class, but I don't think that's fair at all, what about the people who only missed significance on a few questions? They got decent grades the first time 'round, but they shouldn't be shorted if the rules are changing for everyone.

So now they're all re-marked. All 72 of them in an additional 4 hours.

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Subtitle: Considering the Works of Aschylus' "Eumenides" and Sondhiem's Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

"The interpretations and images expressing devils and satyrs have stood out through art forms since we can recall. The human mind can easily interpret visual representations whether vivd in colour or not. Pictures are surely to be interpreted in different ways. With the gift of diversity in human beings, we can release different connotations from a single image. Denifle's Luther as Devil's bagpipe, and Satyros are images where the characteristics of the devil and the satyr are unleashed for different purposes. Ultimately, the interpretation of both pictures help us reach an understanding of the similarities and differents present as both and compared to their audience."

AND DONE. (A day early, thank you very much. I kicketh the butt, yea verily, yea.)

The grade breakdown:
3 A+, 1 A, 6 A-, 7 B+, 18 B, 12 B-, 6 C+, 4 C, 7 C-, 5 D, 1 did not turn in, 1 so unclear I couldn't get through it, 1 probable plagiarist

(For ref. last year was 2 A+, 11 A, 6 A-, 9 B+, 5 B, 8 B-, 4 C+, 6 C, 7 C-, 4 D, 1 F)

Tomorrow is my day of rest. Thursday, 72 finals come into my life. I am SO ready to go home.
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"Constantine the I"

"The Greek Empire severed as its main competitor for religious dominance."

"Greek theatre was used worship of the Gods and examine their interactions with humans."

"Greeks would drink wine, be marry..."

"This ulterior knowledge is not shown in Agora."

"During the 4th century BC there were many different religious groups. Mainly there were the Christians and the Pagans."

Things my students can't seem to grasp: Romans != Greeks. Jews != Pagans. Science != Theatre. Let's work on these distinctions.

"why theatre was banned in Early-Rome."

"early-Christians may have associated the theatre aspect of this festival with theatre in general because at the time Dionysian was a highly renowned festivity."

"While watching the film Agora, it is evident that Christians did not support the beliefs of science because it went against the beliefs of Christianity. The film Agora shows the audience that early Christians did not approve of theatre because it presented ideas that went against Christianity"

"she wants the Furies to seek revenge for the matricide committed by her murder."

"The other aspect of the Greek Theatre was its costume." That is one big ass costume

Title: The satyrs and Cyclops of Euripiries. ...My hopes are not high...
::edit:: Turned out to be one of the better papers I read today. Student just can't spell Euripedes...
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I watched Agora, as one of the essay topics my students could choose relates to the film. I wish very much that I hadn't. Though the story is, I think, of great value and something that people should be exposed to, it was utterly gut-wrenching to watch.

The destruction of the great Library of Alexandria is, to my mind, one of the greatest tragedies that humanity has inflicted on itself. The loss of the books and plays, the knowledge of centuries is senseless and irrational. To burn books because they belonged to someone not of your faith... To destroy centuries of knowledge because one person believes something different than you... It is monstrous and heinous. One can only imagine where we might now be, what we might now know, had we the materials that were destroyed in the Library.

I have always felt a particular irrational connection with the Library of Alexandria, as my father very much wanted to name me Hypatia, after the philosopher-scientist who was, some stories say, martyred defending the Library, or at least the principles of the Library. (He still does, we have semi-annual conversations about how unlikely it is that he'll convince me to change my name.)

Watching a mob, even of actors, destroy just a representation of the Library of Alexandria made me nauseated and tense. I can't stop crying. I just... don't understand what could drive that level of wanton hatred and willful ignorance. I don't understand why it should matter so much if the person next to you believes the same things about the nature of the universe as you do. Which, I suppose, is why organized religion and I get along so very very poorly.

Mostly though, I find myself devastated and upset. I... don't really have more to say than that.

Having now read my students' papers on Agora, I am now upset and furious. Of the eight papers on the film, no less than five of them defend the poor poor abused Christians and the "unscrupulous" accusations against St. Cyril (don't get me started on some of the people who are saints), how dare anyone blame them for the destruction of the Sarapeum and flaying Hypatia alive with broken pottery?!
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"Both of these beings have many of the same features making them resemble close to identical."

"The legs and feet of these beings is one of a goat, both occupy hooves"

"They do no wear any type of clothing leaving the top half bear for it isn't hair covered"

"The satyrs had large a penis"

"showed their voracious app├ętit" Yes, with the accent over the e

"In Roman Christine beliefs..."

"At first glance Hippolytus looks simply like one to hate because of the differences between men and women but he acts out without restraint because of the similarities between the two and fear."

"the above sentence indicates his fear that the mischievous nature he is convinced is there combined with intelligence would lead to a catastrophe grater than a mere inconvenience the less intelligent female."

"The playwrights are the original creators of these characters, and by their very entrance on the stage, the characters already have a specific air about them that the playwright intended."

"in order to achieve their sexual output."

"Under Christian belief, the devil is said to be associated with all behaviour and actions which are considered to be negative - excessive, inhibited behaviour and sexual deviancy."
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The first 33 essays. 36 to go )
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To add injury to insult, I also have a paper cut.
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Who finished marking 72 midterms in 50 hours total (including sleep and hockey game and errands)?!


I am so proud of me, you guys. I buckled down and did it and now I have way more time than anticipated to... write my own papers. This term kinda sucks. BUT, I am way proud of me. So proud that I now will proceed to knock out a four page paper this evening, watch the Ducks/Sharks game (we're totally gonna win this one. I have faith in my TEAM), and possibly even get some playtime in. Oh yes. I am on a roll.

Tomorrow, I will write at least one 4 page paper (maybe two) and hopefully also take out the trash and watch this week's Hellcats and Katee Sackhoff on CSI from Thursday and Tricia Helfer on Lie to Me from Monday.

I am gonna kick this term's ass. I am absolutely convinced of it.

(P.S. My students are WAY better this term. There were some pratfalls and idiotic statements, but 45.5% of them got some variety of A. A further 33.5% got Bs of some sort. 13.5% got Cs. 1% got Ds. And only 5.5% failed. SO MUCH BETTER.)
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The doors are closed, the lights are on, it's robot marking time!

At 2 minutes per question per exam, I should have about 36 hours of marking ahead of me. That's roughly 9 hours of marking a day between now and Monday. And I have four pages of my own to write in there, too. And then I flop on my face and twitch.
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Ye gods and little fishhooks. You guys, there aren't 62 of them. There are 72 of them. 72.. I am so DOOMED.
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Today's announcements:

1. My body is trying to kill me. Cramps and marking 62 freshman midterms should never ever occur in the same week. *fears tomorrow*

2. New plan: Re-make The Great Race, originally starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Natalie Wood, with Jamie Bamber as the Great Leslie (the Tony Curtis part) and Adam Savage of Mythbusters and W00tstock as Professor Fate (the Jack Lemmon part). (I, being me, am also in favour of Katee Sackhoff as Maggie DuBois, the Natalie Wood role, a scrappy sultry sneaky suffragette (ah, how I adore alliteration) who can fence, play the guitar and sing, and look fabulous at all times). It would be AWESOME. And steampunky. And shirtless fencing. And a giant pie fight. And shooting people out of cannons. And icebergs. And rockets. And musical numbers. And other ridiculousness. It would be the best thing ever.

3. I think I finally have a topic for my Commercial Theatre (which basically means Broadway) final paper. I shall write about women in drag in Broadway musicals, comparing Victoria Grant in Victor/Victoria with Alice Nutting (aka Drood) in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It will be awesome and allow me to watch V/V multiple times and listen to two of my favourite Broadway shows over and over. Prof. Vickery's classes typically give me awesome ways to do things I want to do in service of his final papers. Last term, it was read and watch The Scarlet Pimpernel over and over.
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So, it was International Student Orientation and I signed up to do the scavenger hunt, which meant being assigned to a location on campus and waiting for team to come, and then giving them a little spiel about our location and stamping their card and sending them on their way.
I volunteered for the library, in part because yay library, in part because they don't do the theatres and I don't know any of the other buildings particularly well, and in part because last year when I came in, no one explained most of the ins and outs of the library to me and so I was befuddled for weeks. And I wished to preclude that.

HOWEVER, most of the teams that came through didn't care about the library (or the learning centre where they will help you write like not an idiot) and talked right over me and were generally rude and irritating and it made me frustrated because seriously, ESPECIALLY the first year international ESL students NEED to know about the writing centre because they will help you not fail.

And the girl who looked so terribly put out that there are no lockers for students to keep their textbooks in made me die inside.
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Invigilating the midterm. Yes, that's right, marking starts this afternoon while Canada goes for women's hockey gold.

In other frustrating and irritating news, Roland Emmerich is giving public voice to the authorship question in his film Anonymous. It's nice that he has a "true English cast" but at this point he could have Jamie Bamber playing the Earl of Oxford (and we all know how I feel about Jamie Bamber) and I would still be outraged. What is up with this week's fail? Outside of Scott and Tessa Monday night and Joannie Rochette and Mirai Nagasu and Laura Lepisto Tuesday night and Team Canada yesterday, SO MUCH SUCK? Why so sucky, week?
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Thing the first:
The dumb, my students has it.

Thing the second:
The fail, UVic registrar has it. The date for the final I invigilate has been announced. I have no finals to take myself. Classes end April 8. The final I invigilate? April 26. FAIL REGISTRAR, FAIL.

Thing the third:
A Virginia state legislator has announced that disabled children are God's punishment for abortions.

Thing the fourth:
Both the house and senate of Utah have passed a bill outlawing miscarriage. Don't try to apply logic, it won't work.

In conclusion, FAIL WORLD.
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Got through 3 of 64 papers tonight. My brain is clearly fried. (Let's be honest, the first one totally fried it, the second two were just sort of there. I'm going to hope that I can pull some serious grading mojo tomorrow and spend the rest of the evening in quiet contemplation of a book. Yesterday's Magic by Pamela Service or My Life in France by Julia Child. I'm just not in the mood for the complexity of American Gods at the moment.

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I must be sad when I have cause and smile
at no man's jests, eat when I have stomach and wait
for no man's leisure, sleep when I am drowsy and
tend on no man's business, laugh when I am merry and
claw no man in his humour...
I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in
his grace, and it better fits my blood to be
disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob
love from any: in this, though I cannot be said to
be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied
but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with
a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I
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