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Even if you're not a Milliwayser, if you know BSG, read this thread. Realize that Kara is between "Scar" and "Sacrifice" canonically. Realize that an actual reading took place, using a computerized tarot spread. Realize that Tower-mun was unaware of the events of season 3 when she did the reading.

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Went over to [ profile] just_danceit's tonight. We watched both X-Men and X:2. Which were way better than X3 IMHO.

'Sgonna be a foggy, foggy night, I can tell. The houses across the street are already a bit blurry. I have to be up by noon tomorrow for cable installation between noon and four.

For the Millifolken )
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I should sleep. I'm not sleeping. I'm playing. 'Cause it's freaking summer vacation, okay? I know I have to get up at 10 and find an outfit for Graduation/Recital and shave and stuff so I'm ready to go around 11. But...Playing now! 'Cause I can! 'Cause there's nothing else I'm supposed to be doing! So there.
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Quack, quack!

Ducks smushed the Avalanche hard this afternoon. 2-0 in the series, well done. Bryzgalov is my hockey boyfriend. Three shutouts in a row, well done.

Anyhoo, curled up at [ profile] amaresu and [ profile] lornelover's, working on the fucking lit paper and 'Waysing it up, waiting for the second game of the day, Oilers v. Sabres.
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Hey, look! It's an icon post!

The first 32 were created for an RP journal, [ profile] arrakis_witch, Alia Atreides of Dune:
History is written on the sands of Arrakis )

(x-posted to [ profile] dune_icons)

The rest are a continuation of the Due South set:
Welcome to Canada, Ray )

(x-posted to [ profile] ds_icons)

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Mmm...Good Milliwaysin'

Drunk!Willow is always fun. [ profile] goodwitchtara, we need to talk about the Wedding...

Sleep now, if I can disengage from the DS fic...
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Well, I've been Milliwaysin' it for the last five six hours, jolly good fun, manged to get some iconning done and had a glass of my Riesling, which is improving with age.

DILFs for [ profile] amaresu, I wasn't sure what she'd want:
Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

One from "The Doctor Dances":
Image hosting by Photobucket

And a header: )
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Ah, a quiet evening of Willow in Milliways. We got out of rehearsal early due to a scheduling snafu, so I got to get actual nutritional dinner and then head home and talk to my mommy for a bit. It's relaxing just to play for awhile, without really having to worry about the real world.
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Due to a good friend who likes to enable my habits...

20 new Willow and Willow/Tara icons, because [ profile] magick_willow has a paid account now and clearly needs new icons to fill it.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Follow the bouncing cut! )

All are available for Comment/Take/Credit...

As I was moving from the den back to my room, I leaned over to plug in my computer. And slammed the center of my forehead into the back edge of a chair. OW. It's likely that I will have a big stupid bruise right between my eyes. And it hurts. Pbbbbbbtttttthhhh!

Dancing with the Stars is already very very rigged. Holy crap.

[ profile] lornelover has finally seen "Christmas Invasion" and thus understands the glory of Ten! Yay!

I finally have a screencapping program! Yay! Thus, I present to you an icon made from my very first screencap:
Image hosted by
from A Knight's Tale and featuring Heath Ledger and Paul Bettany's ass.

And now, sleep in preparation for NEW SCIFRIDAY tonight!
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Oooooooh... My brain has gone to the cracky place, doodah, doodah, my brain has gone to the cracky place, oh, doodah day...

The bad thing about watching TV is it gives your mind time to wander. And my mind wanders in all kinds of crazy directions. Like, if different RPGs were gangs...I'm in Milliways, Bria's in Theatrical Muse and we're talking shop...*Hits self*
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Here I am, quietly watching the SVU marathon and reading comments in Bria's LJ, and suddenly...Surreal and Karla are discussing vibrators in the Black Jewels universe, in my head. *facepalm*
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*holds breath and crosses fingers that this won't be a horrible mistake*

Lady Tere is back at Milliways, to be followed in the next couple days by Lady Eri, Lady Karla, Lady Surreal, The Snow Queen, and Starbuck, at least.
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New scene written for Playwrighting on Monday. Based on something from Milliways more than a year ago, and I had to go back through the archives to find it. It's amazing how much it hurt to see Tere again, back with Sario, and Indy's entrance into the bar, and Willow when she first came in...
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I have a headache.

Since clearly subtlety isn't working, Ji, Tony, Ashie, I need to talk to you.
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So. No packing yet, but I must get my boxes ready for shipping, books by tomorrow and other stuff by Monday.

Cocktail party: Idea whose time had not come yet or stupid idea? I lean towards the latter. icon! Jus' one for the time being.

Image hosted by

*Pootles off to do...well, nothing really*
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Going to bed now.

Brain hurts. Ow.
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The Eri update:

John Sheppard moved from flirting category to sex category. Thom, brother of Alanna, added to flirting category, along with Raven.
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Went to the Concert in the Park, swing band, was deeply amused to discover that my junior English teacher from high school was the guitarist...Wished I had someone to dance with...Got a really cool lightup fan.

In the news, I will be gone from very early tomorrow morning until the following evening, Mum and I are spending the day and night in Laguna. I will definitely be back long before the cocktail party, Ji, Becca, Heather, Ash, and Tony, so no worries there. Alyssa and Tony, Inara is also invited, should she care to attend, as is Sawyer. Assume Eri asked them. (Alyssa, you still owe me a tag :P) Anyhoo, I'll see y'all when I get back. Suppose I ought to go pack...

Look at the icon! *snorts*
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So, of course, my first response to 50 new icon spaces isn't to fill mine...It's to fill my RP journals'...*Sigh*

Filled out a support request and hope they will tell me how to fix my problem...

Weird dreams again...Woke up feeling all tight-chested...Ew.
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By request of the beautiful Ji, a list of Erato's conquests so far...

Sawyer Ford, Lost (Roommate for the moment)
Lobo, DC Comics
Penny Lane, Almost Famous

Brian Gamble, S.W.A.T.
Gorlim, Silmarillion
Delia of Eldorne, Tamora Pierce series

LadySir Alanna, Song of the Lioness
Montparnasse, Les Miserables
Cole Turner, Charmed
John Sheppard, Stargate: Atlantis
Inara Serra, Firefly

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I Cannot Hide What I Am

I must be sad when I have cause and smile
at no man's jests, eat when I have stomach and wait
for no man's leisure, sleep when I am drowsy and
tend on no man's business, laugh when I am merry and
claw no man in his humour...
I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in
his grace, and it better fits my blood to be
disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob
love from any: in this, though I cannot be said to
be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied
but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with
a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I
have decreed not to sing in my cage. If I had my
mouth, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do
my liking: in the meantime let me be that I am and
seek not to alter me.

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