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Stuck at my dad's office AGAIN. (5 times in eight days is starting to feel like a job to me and I believe I have made very clear my intention to NEVAR WORK HERE AGAIN, WORLD WITHOUT END, AMEN.

My dad is with a client, so we cannot go to lunch and I am forced to sit here and be HUNGRY. UNHAPPY VAVIA!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.
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Applied for new job. May or may not get it.

Muse!fic has moved and will henceforth be stored at [ profile] o_for_a_muse.

Am very tired of being lectured by parents. Glad they leave for vacation tomorrow. Ten days of house to myself...Could be very good.
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When I was looking for the original job, I couldn't find anything. Now, it's possible that I already have another job...An arcade, which will thrill my brother. Problem being it's going to involve bus rides, of which I am so not a fan. Hopefully, still day shifts. The thing is, I know it would be good to have a job and that extra money and it would get my parents off my back, but I really don't want to go back out there. I'm at the twice-shy stage and arcade sounds way too close to movie theatre. Also, I'm leery of public transportation in LA...Mum and I are going to tea this afternoon and I guess I'll look around Uptown again while we're there...

Meantime, maybe lunch with Patrick tomorrow and that would be awesome.

Thanks to everyone who has been and is being supportive throughout this...thing. It helps to know that I'm not a total failure.
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And the tears that have been threatening finally fall.

I burned my hand at work today. Slipped and slammed my right little finger into the side of the extremely hot metal popcorn kettle. It was blistering in under five minutes. And they made me stand there and work for two more hours with absolutely no medical treatment. And yelled at me for being slow, even though I was working one-handed with my non- dominant hand. I hate it there. I don't think I can go back again.
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Worked this morning. Day shifts are better than night shifts, except that they're two hours longer...Must find other job for three weeks. Am considering looking at secretarial again. I hate it, but my hate for it is so much less than my hate for my current work. I'm only getting minimum wage for this and my self-respect is worth more than that. Hell, I'd like to have some self-respect left in August. It's like junior high all over again, and junior high only led to four hour crying jags curled up on the bathroom floor. It's the same old "everything you like is dumb and anyone who likes it is a disgusting whatever whatever..." I suspect I could brush it off if only I weren't in constant pain...Also, I care less than not at all how drunk they all got last weekend. Really...

Got home, got changed and the movies! Yeah...
But, went to a theater in Brea (nice theater), and saw Mad Hot Ballroom. Very cute. With the dance and the little kids and stuff. Go see it if you can, cause things like this should be encouraged.

Gonna go read more HBP...

January 2015



I Cannot Hide What I Am

I must be sad when I have cause and smile
at no man's jests, eat when I have stomach and wait
for no man's leisure, sleep when I am drowsy and
tend on no man's business, laugh when I am merry and
claw no man in his humour...
I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in
his grace, and it better fits my blood to be
disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob
love from any: in this, though I cannot be said to
be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied
but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with
a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I
have decreed not to sing in my cage. If I had my
mouth, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do
my liking: in the meantime let me be that I am and
seek not to alter me.

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