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Quick thoughts on the Tonys: (in no real order)

Stockard Channing looked AMAZING in the opening. Dolly Parton... sang Allison Janney's part. :( Bret Michaels ran into a set piece. Headlines read things like 'Bret Michaels Injured by Set Piece in Tony Opening'. Um... He ran into it. Let's not make it the set piece's fault, hmmmm?

Yay Angela Lansbury! I love her SO MUCH. And now I really really want to go to New York and see her and Rupert Everett in Blithe Spirit. SO MUCH.

Of the musical revival numbers, Guys and Dolls was boring, West Side Story was mediocre, Hair totally rocked. Gavin Creel being sexy at Anne Hathaway was ADORABLE. I bet she's going to be great in Twelfth Night this summer.

Of the new musical numbers, Shrek SUCKED (I love you Sutton Foster, I tried to love you here, I failed), Next to Normal looks great if very much a downer, I probably don't really want to see Rock of Ages but you do 'Don't Stop Believin' and I kind of have to get on board, and... I really was totally unimpressed by Billy Elliot. First off, it's a musical about a boy doing ballet, so for the Tonys you picked... the tap number. Way to make no sense. Also, blah blah cute kids, blah blah Elton John, blah blah, does that really make it the year's best musical?

Did I mention Angela Lansbury? And that I love her? 'Cause I do. Also, Geoffrey Rush. And Alice Ripley, even though, I admit, I was pulling for Ally Janney. Who looked fantastic. A-mazing. I also loved that when they were showing Jerry Herman clips, 'Put on Your Sunday Clothes' was listed as from Hello, Dolly and Wall-E.

Neil Patrick Harris was great, the little we saw of him. Next time, fewer commercials, more host, hmmm?

Which brings us to the PROBLEMS. CBS, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.
Unecessary camera work during the In Memoriam. Not Cool. We don't care what your cameras can do, what's important here is the tribute to the people the community has lost. And it would help if we could tell who they were. Just show us the frickin' film.

We don't pick and choose who gets long acceptance speeches. Just because the people who scored Next to Normal are not as recognizable as Liza Minnelli, doesn't mean that she gets more acceptance speech time.

I still strongly disapprove of the tech awards not being televised. I find it offensive that even on a night developed to showcase theatre talent, the so called 'creative arts' are still second class.

And the big one, OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOUND? No one was well mic'd. You would think that whoever was running the board had never done a live show before. You have to run a handheld out to someone during a number, I don't think we caught the beginning of a single number, the girl with the one solo line in the Shrek number's mic was on for the entire number, heard her not the rest of the chorus, the miccing for the tour numbers was universally awful, sound went in and out, it was static-y, it was CRAPPY. Way to show us that you care about live theatre there, CBS. Way to go.

In conclusion, congratulations to all the winners.
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So, I realized I haven't posted in many a day, at that, therefore, it's unfair of me to be pissed when people don't know.

My interview at the Theatre @ Boston Court is tomorrow at 3pm PDT. Any and all good wishes would be deeply appreciated, as I want this job VERY VERY BADLY.
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With the WGA strike in progress and Broadway techs about to walk out, it's clear that America needs to reevaluate the way we fund entertainment and culture. The Writer's Guild of America is striking over payment of residuals that pertain to New Media and the internet. Local One, the Broadway chapter of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, would be striking over work hours and payment for load-ins.

Obviously, television and film need writers. Sure you can say 'oh, reality tv', but be reasonable. Everything, even reality tv, has some kind of script. Someone decides where the contestants are going on Amazing Race. Someone writes the host monologues. Writers are absolutely necessary. And the strike resolution is important because when SAG contracts are up at the end of the year, the results of this strike will determine the bargaining position of the next negotiation. And that's actors.

Possibly even more obviously, theatre needs techs. I don't think I have to explain it. No techs, no shows. No techs, no lights, no sound, no curtains, no costumes, no props, no sets. Without techs, you better be doing minimalist, street clothes shows with mimed items during the day outside and pray it doesn't rain.

With that in mind, think about how this might impact you. Think about how payment works in your field. Think about the entertainment and, yes, fandoms you love. (Remember the 2005-2006 Hockey lockout) And ask yourself how this can be solved. What can you do?

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Bullet points:

*Avenue Q = AWESOME. Gifts procured.

*Fucking Sopranos. BSG should totally have won.

*HOMG Dalek O'Lantern. MADE OF WIN. Also its cousin Jack O'Cylantern.

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For the first time in about three months, a post that's sort of peripherally about me doing theatre!

So, here's the thing. The local library is doing a murder mystery fundraiser thing. My mother works at the library and "volunteered" her rather theatrical and fairly bored daughter to work on the project. Today was the first meeting, so after Rosh Hashanah lunch with the family, I went to the library for what I hoped would be a short, informative production meeting. Ha...haha...hahaha...

We started out with a report from the woman in charge of liasing with the caterers. Her biggest and most important announcement was that the caterers have a young buff blonde male employee who will be available to pour wine for the guests on the evening of. One of the characters in the romance novel that forms some portion of the plot of the evening is named Rocky Stallion and is a boy toy and she was utterly delighted that an actual boy toy could be procured to walk around in a tight t-shirt for the event. Then someone pointed out the box of leftover furry handcuffs that were prizes in the young adult summer reading program. (It's like a train wreck...) Gasp and egads! How perfect! The young man could be wearing half a pair of furry cuffs while he serves wine in his tight t-shirt. *facepalm* (None of the women involved in this plot are under 50) Then the director of the piece showed up. Community theatre director. Strike one. She loves the Rocky Stallion idea. In fact, she "claims" him in advance. And spends the next hour trying to figure out ways to insert him (no pun intended) into the show. My head!dramaturg says that he's a fictional character in the world of the play, so putting him onstage is problematic, also that he's hired help for the event and therefore will attend no rehearsals, but hey, not my job. The menu is recited again and the head of the library shows up. Guess what story we get to hear again? Rocky, oh, Rocky, they want him badly...This goes on for another 45 minutes (80 minutes total)

I was actually there, hypothetically, as the costume person. Costumes were discussed for a grand total of 3 minutes, the last three of the meeting. The director was not interested in meeting me at all, and I went home. (My mum bought me a four pack of splits of Asti on the way. Thank goodness)

What the hell is wrong with my life?
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Today's adventures in people too stupid to live. Otherwise known as...WHY WE DON'T GIVE ACTORS REAL WEAPONS.
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Only dark spot, no Bamber. Pfui. Oh well. Did I mention KATEE?!

Saw Jersey Boys tonight. Very very good. Still think Drowsy Chaperone should have taken Best Musical,, it's a good show. There was a couple in one of the boxes who actually got up and danced a couple times. PFS.
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We have seriously pissed off the Norton Clapp ghost. For the second night running, we've had lighting problems that resulted in 40+ minutes of scrambling ending less than ten minutes before the house opens. Myself being the house manager and not actually a lighting person, but still, one of the team involved in fixing these things. TIRED. We're going to leave a glass of wine and a plate of crackers out tonight, which, we hope, will solve this issue. On the other hand, in the ten minutes leading up to the show, someone quoted the Scottish Play in the theatre and opened an umbrella in the lobby. Holy crap. I'm now afraid that something will blow up.
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Conference, Day Three:
Breakfast at the Guthrie again, more amazing pastries. Skipped the morning session in favour of final edits on oberon before the panel. Then, the moment of truth: Panel. I'm still as scared of Alan Lathrop as I was before. Also, he was pompous and kind of boring. It was definitely a relief when Geoff started talking. I think I was a wee bit shite, I definitely ummed and uhhed a lot more than I wanted to...Everyone else seemed okay with it. Did lunch, went to a panel on the Classics in which Norm Frisch and Michael Lupu argued a lot. Decided to skip the general meeting in favour of coming back to hotel to nap before the banquet. I'v got about an hour and half, so I'm gonna do the nap thing.

Also, S&A trailer featuring Paul Gross in bed!
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One hour till presentation. We're sold out. I'm really excited and (*knock wood*) not really nervous at all. I know I know what I'm talking about here, so as long as words don't desert me, I should be fine.

My uncle has started four days of chemo.

I need to call Annette.
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Good morning and welcome to Minneapolis!
Travel was traumatic. Shuttle was an hour and twenty minutes late and then there was (for Washington) mad traffic on the 5, so I didn't get to the airport until 11:45 (flight was at 12:30). Finally got past security at 12:05 and dashed onto the plane at 12:15, just before they started filling unclaimed seats from stand-by. And then the Auxilary Power Unit on the plane died. So there were mechanics and horrible grinding noises and stuff. We finally got going around 1:15. Oy. I read Devil Wears Prada and finished it about a half hour before we landed. Got hopelessly lost in the Minneapolis airport and opted for a shuttle over light rail because it meant I didn't have to think at all on the way over. Sat in the hotel lobby until 8:30am and then shuttled over to the Guthrie where I wandered aimlessly until people showed up so I could be useful. Now I'm sitting at the registration table in the Lobby of the Guthrie complex with wonderful wireless.
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1. Darren Nichols and Terry the accountant win their first Tony! YAY S&A and Drowsy Chaperone!

2. Drowsy Chaperone performs, complete with sly Tony references.

3. Beth Leavel gives the world's cutest acceptance speech.

4. Emperor Palpatine wins a Tony.

5. Alan Cumming and Cyndi Lauper give HOT performance from Threepenny Opera, complete with gay.

6. Sara Ramirez and TR Knight present together and are adorable. (TR: Can I touch the envelope? Sara: No. TR: No.)

7. Wedding Singer has fantastic '80's HIGH ENERGY number.

8. Joe Pesci introduces the number from Jersey Boys with three original members of the Four Seasons.

9. The cast of Spamalot talks about the work that the American Theatre Wing does. Complete with Knights Who Say Ni.

10. Uncle Vernon wins a Tony and thanks his wife for not letting him quit the show. Hee.

11. Jake Lloyd Young wins Best Actor in a Musical and is ADORABLE.

And then the Tony voters went insane. And somehow the musicals that should have won, Sweeney Todd and Drowsy Chaperone, didn't take their categories in favour of Pajama Game and Jersey Boys. Weird...
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Yes, I am still up. The not quite summer sun rises early here, starting around 4:15am, and though I did not mean to see the sun ascend, I am not sorry that I did.

As [ profile] lornelover has pointed out, there was much watching of non-American television this evening. Secret Smile and Viva Blackpool from the BBC, both featuring David Tennant. One quite creepy but fascinatingly done, the other so-called dramedy and utterly horrific. And from CBC, Slings and Arrows. 'Tis true I stayed awake these weary hours to finish the first season. It was, by turns, glorious, hilarious, touching, and truthful, and I cannot help but find myself deeply enamoured of it and desperate to find myself with such an admirable company some day.

The houses across the street are faintly tinged with pink where the dawn light has not yet eased into the full plumage of day. Though there are trees blocking my view, I can see through the window dappled glances at the majestic fury of the early morning sun pressing forth to herald the coming of a new day.

I pray you all will pardon my lapse into poesy this morning, Shakespeare and truth bring my love for my mother language to the fore and I do enjoy giving free reign to the occasional glimpses of eloquence that my weary and embattled mind throw forth. I hie me to my bed, for there are meetings that must be attended to make a Dream and I would have some hint of this feeling of awe and light left to me when I go there. I bid you all a fair and pleasing day.
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Holy Mother of God and ALL her wacky nephews...

How much do I love Slings and Arrows? Were it a man or woman, I would marry it on the spot. No, not that, I would scarce trust myself, though I had sworn the contrary...*Laughs hysterically* First season, third episode...I want to BE Geoffrey Tennant. And I am going to make everyone of my acquaintance watch it, for it renews my faith in actors and theatre.

Also, holy shit, SG-1 Casting Spoiler! )
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Midsummer meeting went very well, all three hours of it. Apparently Devon and I riff well off each other. Next meeting, next Tuesday at 2.

It seems appropriate, given my Muse )
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Such a busy, busy bunny...

Got the program to the printer's, lost and found my purse again (note: purses that don't have shoulder straps are not for me, I set them down and then forget to pick them back up), picked up the last of my white model supplies, showed off my TN sketches in Scene Design, Midsummer meeting (punk Callum as Puck. My world is a happy place), stole fabric from Mishka and gels from Kurt, picked up my wire, talked to Jac for a bit and set up an appointment to do the playwrighting thing next week, and came home. I'm going to a bit of tidying, take a shower and maybe a nap and go grab food before Anton.

P.S. Must make a shitload of Midsummer icons...
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Well, on the pluses side, being utterly furious makes bear down and get things down. With the exception of the few tracks about which I didn't understand the director's notes, I finished a first draft full cut for Echoes. Four and half hours of work, all nice and done. Now I'll likely go on and do a lot of work on my sketches and ground plan for Twelfth Night for Scene Design.

On the minuses side, it makes me want to seek out something to hit. I'm going to get two extra hours of tech tomorrow night for this half hour show. Somehow, spending seven times the length of the show in tech for the show seems...I don't know...STUPID. Feh. Also Frak. And Fuck.

::edit:: 2:46am
I lied. Instead of working on Scene Design, I redrafted the program and put together the materials I'll need for Tech tomorrow night.
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Stabby stabby fucking stabby stab.


(I'm actually much calmer in person right now than I might appear to be online. Possibly because I'm venting it all online. In person, I'm swearing under my breath and cutting music for Echoes.)
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Glory, round two.

Didn't really get the nap I wanted between shows and then the Due South Fic Archive crashed, which sucks mightily. Oh, well, in about forty minutes, I'll be done with this one and on to other things.

[ profile] seino_chan, I think I'm asking. I'm sorry. I wish I didn't have to, but my last possibility fell through this afternoon. Email or call when you get in tomorrow.

I'm hoping I'll get done with my market review during the show so that I can work on sound editing and stuff tomorrow.

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claw no man in his humour...
I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in
his grace, and it better fits my blood to be
disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob
love from any: in this, though I cannot be said to
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but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with
a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I
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