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When last we met, our heroine had just passed her oral defence and become a Master of Arts, Theatre History. There was great rejoicing.

That very evening, my laptop got the Win 7 Total Security virus. This virus is insidious and evil and people who invent this sort of thing should be shot. So... it honest to goodness totalled my laptop. Like, it even destroyed the HP recovery partition. The computer services guys could not restore Windows 7 on my computer. They managed to get it back to Vista, which is where it started, and, since I don't have my Windows 7 boot disk here, I will reupgrade it when my parents get here a week from Thursday. There were three positive things about the situation.
1. I keep a fairly up to date backup and they were able to boot the computer into Linux off a disc, so I could grab the notes for the last paper that I had to write.
2. I am still a university student, so backing up all my data, wiping the computer, and doing a full system restore is only going to cost $50.
3. My old laptop, the one that was dying and making terrifying whirring noises in August of '09 when I first got to Canada, was still sitting on my shelf. It still makes terrifying whirring noises. It's making them right now. But it's a computer and it allowed me to write my last paper this week.
So I want to be clear. Things could have been MUCH MUCH WORSE. Things were, however, pretty bad. I'm hoping that I will have my computer back tomorrow. It will be at least Friday week before I have things like Office and Photoshop back, since I'm not going to install them on Vista and then have to reinstall them on 7.

Speaking of that last paper, it was like pulling teeth to write. Took days. My brain emphatically did not want to write that paper (Similarities between Shakespeare print editors and Shakespeare dramaturgs). But I finished it this evening, had someone else look over it to make sure it didn't totally suck, and submitted it to the prof. I am officially done with grad school. Whoa.

(Now to pack up my apartment, move back to California, and... oh yeah, get a JOB)
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MA Defence.
Tomorrow, Monday, at 2.

In the wise words of Rachel Maddow, EVERYBUDDEH FREAKOUT!!!!!
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I am done marking for about a month! Yaaaaay!

I have an official defence date (not when I wanted but it's scheduled), yaaaaay!

I got a haircut (finally) yaaaaaaaaay!

Pics )

Now, reading for Editing Shakespeare (Lots of reading, 60-70 pages) and the Ducks game. (We're already down by one. Come on, boys!)
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Today, my supervisor approved my MA essay draft and I submitted it to my committee members. It took five drafts and a lot of frustration, but I just may defend on schedule.

This is really really exciting.
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Who's done with her MA essay 2nd draft? THIS GUY.

You guys, this is the first time since like October that I haven't had work hanging over my head.

I'm gonna go take a shower.
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This Was the Year That Was )
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"The period of Alexander was called Menander"

"Alexander the Great was a pope that had negative afflictions with theatre."

"After Alexander the Great conquered damn near all the known world"

"In New Comedy, however, the parabola was cut out"

"ended in 404" Okay, I know that the Athenian Classical period ended in 404BCE. But... it's funny when there's no year indicator on it.

"Seneca was a play by Terence"

"to allow the "hooker with a heart of gold" and the "boy next door" to see each other and flourish their love" In most places, flourishing your love at someone will get you arrested...

"to enable them to meet and have kissy kissy time"

"He was a perscriptive, idealist, moralist, and socratic dialogue."

"He is a realist, unlike Plato, and also a: scientist, textonomy, and another word that best describes him is dialogue:"

"large falle penis's" I despair, I really do. What is the world coming to when a young man in university can't spell penises? (That, by the way, is a student noting that his favourite part of the class was the prof discussing satyr penii)

"the braggart soldier's cortizane"

"Terence was a fried slave"

"Terence was a freed salve from North Africa"

"his work was written in spoken Latin"

"Also, that a small penis was considered atractive and dellicata"

"Plautus would be the man from many many years ago that first a strange animal and named it the Platypus." I DON'T EVEN KNOW

"Terence was a Roman Playwrite whose floral use of language meant that his plays were taught in schools"

"Seneca was a play written by Terrence where the people of Athens had become slaves."

So, I did all the marking in 27 hours. 792 questions. That included 10 hours of sleep and an hour of L&O|UK, so 16 hours of marking.

Went to the end of year drinks thing with the prof and took her the exams, explained how it all had shaken out. So, Prof decided that since most of the students didn't explain the significance of the terms and were docked the appropriate 1 pt per question for that, lowering their grades, she wanted to throw out the significance point and so I had to re-mark all 72 to take that into account, adding 7-10 pts to a lot of exams. I feel like I rewarded them for not following the test directions.
Prof said I only had to look at the bottom half of the class, but I don't think that's fair at all, what about the people who only missed significance on a few questions? They got decent grades the first time 'round, but they shouldn't be shorted if the rules are changing for everyone.

So now they're all re-marked. All 72 of them in an additional 4 hours.

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To add injury to insult, I also have a paper cut.
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Help me out guys, I can't decide between these two paper ideas and I really need to start writing...

[Poll #1643082]

(Bonus if you can name all five shows represented in the second question)
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I have written three seminar papers since Sunday. I have also done all the readings for those seminar papers, which is about 300 pages. I have also gotten thoroughly frustrated by 17th century gender politics.

Gender Opinions in the 17th Century, or How Women Got Screwed By the System )

A conversation about societal views on cross-dressing in 17th century England (Warning for gratuitous wooga wooga fingers) )

Tomorrow, I will go to the library for some books for the 20 page paper I will research and write in the next two weeks. But I will also read Lord Tony's Wife by Emmuska Orczy (all [ profile] zegeekgirl's fault) and start The Last Run, the new Q&C novel. And on Friday I'm going bead shopping. SO THERE.
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Who finished marking 72 midterms in 50 hours total (including sleep and hockey game and errands)?!


I am so proud of me, you guys. I buckled down and did it and now I have way more time than anticipated to... write my own papers. This term kinda sucks. BUT, I am way proud of me. So proud that I now will proceed to knock out a four page paper this evening, watch the Ducks/Sharks game (we're totally gonna win this one. I have faith in my TEAM), and possibly even get some playtime in. Oh yes. I am on a roll.

Tomorrow, I will write at least one 4 page paper (maybe two) and hopefully also take out the trash and watch this week's Hellcats and Katee Sackhoff on CSI from Thursday and Tricia Helfer on Lie to Me from Monday.

I am gonna kick this term's ass. I am absolutely convinced of it.

(P.S. My students are WAY better this term. There were some pratfalls and idiotic statements, but 45.5% of them got some variety of A. A further 33.5% got Bs of some sort. 13.5% got Cs. 1% got Ds. And only 5.5% failed. SO MUCH BETTER.)
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Ye gods and little fishhooks. You guys, there aren't 62 of them. There are 72 of them. 72.. I am so DOOMED.
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Today's announcements:

1. My body is trying to kill me. Cramps and marking 62 freshman midterms should never ever occur in the same week. *fears tomorrow*

2. New plan: Re-make The Great Race, originally starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Natalie Wood, with Jamie Bamber as the Great Leslie (the Tony Curtis part) and Adam Savage of Mythbusters and W00tstock as Professor Fate (the Jack Lemmon part). (I, being me, am also in favour of Katee Sackhoff as Maggie DuBois, the Natalie Wood role, a scrappy sultry sneaky suffragette (ah, how I adore alliteration) who can fence, play the guitar and sing, and look fabulous at all times). It would be AWESOME. And steampunky. And shirtless fencing. And a giant pie fight. And shooting people out of cannons. And icebergs. And rockets. And musical numbers. And other ridiculousness. It would be the best thing ever.

3. I think I finally have a topic for my Commercial Theatre (which basically means Broadway) final paper. I shall write about women in drag in Broadway musicals, comparing Victoria Grant in Victor/Victoria with Alice Nutting (aka Drood) in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It will be awesome and allow me to watch V/V multiple times and listen to two of my favourite Broadway shows over and over. Prof. Vickery's classes typically give me awesome ways to do things I want to do in service of his final papers. Last term, it was read and watch The Scarlet Pimpernel over and over.
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The widget which has ruled my world for about the last week and a half.

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I said updating everyday was good for me! And then I totally stopped updating. Partially because I got really bored of the repetition in the 30 Days of TV meme and partially because... I did.

I've been spending obscene amounts of money the last couple weeks, like it's going out of style. But now that classes have started, I am CUT OFF. Food, rent, books I may need for the thesis, one trip to the bead store a month. That's it, between now and December. (Small allowances for Christmas gifts and reupping my Harukaze no Kai membership. [ profile] wao_wao, how do I go about doing that?)

I have gotten lovely things with my spending though! Loads of books (Gay Age of Sail romances! Gail Carriger!), bunches of comics (Greg Rucka. Read him. Queen & Country is my one true love, but his Batwoman work is fabulous too and I want to read Whiteout), beads and wire and tools (I am now serious about my beadwork and pretty sure that by the end of the term I will have opened an Etsy shop to sell some of my work), 3 Takarazuka DVDs (Kiss to the Flames, Gone with the Wind (Sora 2004), Calaf & Turandot), new clothes yesterday (two pairs of jeans, black pants, sweatpants, new tops and an AWESOME new jacket [ profile] lornelover, look! I found one that fits me!), new bags from HautTotes... I am done buying, but it was fun.

And now, class is over and I will move on to different climes. (TAship, here I come!)
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First day of my last year of grad school! (This round anyway)

More post later, as I have much to say.
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So, it was International Student Orientation and I signed up to do the scavenger hunt, which meant being assigned to a location on campus and waiting for team to come, and then giving them a little spiel about our location and stamping their card and sending them on their way.
I volunteered for the library, in part because yay library, in part because they don't do the theatres and I don't know any of the other buildings particularly well, and in part because last year when I came in, no one explained most of the ins and outs of the library to me and so I was befuddled for weeks. And I wished to preclude that.

HOWEVER, most of the teams that came through didn't care about the library (or the learning centre where they will help you write like not an idiot) and talked right over me and were generally rude and irritating and it made me frustrated because seriously, ESPECIALLY the first year international ESL students NEED to know about the writing centre because they will help you not fail.

And the girl who looked so terribly put out that there are no lockers for students to keep their textbooks in made me die inside.
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Research proposals finished and emailed to my supervisor, along with a list of questions which will hopefully either stop our miscommunicating or convince us both that I need a new supervisor.

*fingers crossed that she likes one of the proposals*
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I am frustrated. I had a topic. I had the research all ready to be pored over. I was set up to do this thing. Instead, I am tripping over myself and running into walls trying to get something together to please my advisor, while also remembering that I have to be willing to live with this topic until next April at minimum. So, here's where I am:

Kate Percy
Is interesting. Really. But she's in three scenes. She's fun in the first one, fun but a little harassed in the second, and angry and grieving in the third. She's oddly Elizabethan for a medieval woman. She's one of three women total in Henry IV I and of the other two, one is a lower-class innkeeper and the other only speaks Welsh. I just don't think there's enough to make an adequate third-wave commentary on.

Dramaturgy Pre-Production
Would need heavy phrasing help and really is probably too dense for twenty pages. But it needs to be written by someone.

One Scene, Many Productions
Have narrowed my scene options to Beatrice and Benedick's first encounter in Much Ado and the gangrape sequence in Troilus & Cressida.
The advantages of Much Ado include it being a comedy, it being one of my favourite scenes of all time, it having the possibility of changes due to women-related cultural issues, and watching Ken Branagh's film version a lot.
The advantages of T&C include it not being a comedy (I suspect my advisor sort of thinks I'm frivolous), having lots of possibility for changes based on cultural mores, and there being a lot more material written about T&C.
I'm going to the library tomorrow to look into available production editions of both plays.

Much as this is probably my favourite of the topics, I don't think my advisor would like it and it may not be research heavy enough. I was thinking about it last night and I realized that if you cross-cast Tranio in Shrew and take the line "I am content to be Lucentio because so well I love Lucentio" literally and romantically, Tranio basically becomes Viola from Twelfth Night. Fascinating. I'm hoping that I can incorporate some of this topic into my final paper for Editing Shakespeare in the Spring.

So... That's where I am. My advisor, who has really bizarre ideas about time, has set me the following time goals:
Proposal - end of September
First draft - second week of January
Draft to committee members - first week of March at the latest
Defense - May

I think the amount of spare time that gives me is insane. I have set the following goals for myself:
Proposal - last week of August
First draft - end of October
Draft to committee members - second week of January
Defense - March at the latest

January 2015



I Cannot Hide What I Am

I must be sad when I have cause and smile
at no man's jests, eat when I have stomach and wait
for no man's leisure, sleep when I am drowsy and
tend on no man's business, laugh when I am merry and
claw no man in his humour...
I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in
his grace, and it better fits my blood to be
disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob
love from any: in this, though I cannot be said to
be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied
but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with
a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I
have decreed not to sing in my cage. If I had my
mouth, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do
my liking: in the meantime let me be that I am and
seek not to alter me.

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