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Meme, ganked from [ profile] ladyofbrileith

List the first ten series that come to mind. Your friends will comment with the character from each series that they think you are most like. Remember this is who I'm most like, not necessarily my favorites!

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Leverage
3. Buffy
4. Firefly
5. Eureka
6. Due South
7. Slings and Arrows
8. Star Trek: The Next Generation
9. The West Wing
10. Sports Night

P.S. It's raining and one of our skylights is leaking. Boo.

P.P.S Dreams/nightmares last night included having pins stuck in the bottom of my foot and my mother laughing at me and scattering more, Bert and Ernie having some kind of massive fight, having to sell some kind of product by phone at school and the manager being a jerk and then inflating a la Aunt Marge in Goblet of Fire before having his spine broken by a giant something else, and something about a princess and two guys who wanted to marry her and kidnapping and other typical storybook fare.
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Thoughts, ramblings, and other things:

Have been plagued of late by the ethical implications of watching and by extension supporting Bionic Woman. If you're interested in my concerns and I haven't already waffled all over you, drop a comment and I'll explain further. It has to do with homophobia and actors I like.

Dreams last night were of truly spectacular scariness. End of the world, twice, my brother and two of his friends leaving our house to look after a sick dog and ending up murdered in the back of an SUV, Kara Thrace committing suicide and having her body mailed to Lee Adama. Woke up, it should not be surprising, in a cold sweat. Seriously, will someone calm my subconscious the hell down?

I will be in Seal Beach Friday night to Sunday morning making a pittance to co-kidsit a trio of children during my local Quaker church's retreat. Anyone with suggestion for things that might appeal to a) a baby, b) a very bright kindergarden age girl, c) a seven year old autistic boy, or d) any combination of the above, let me know.

I still fail at life.

ABBA Fantasista is still bouncing around in my head, I'm working on things and hope to start really writing in the next few weeks.

I'm driving again for the first time in three+ years. I think I'm more comfortable this time around, though I desperately wish I was driving my father's car (2002ish Prius) and not mine (1989ish Camry).

Slowly, my room is starting to be a living space again, which is good, I suppose.

I almost wish I played video games like Halo, the Halo 3 voice cast is so awesome. Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, and Katee the Magnificent? Way too cool.

I picked up the season premiere of Bones. They're dealing with the Illuminati. I may watch for awhile...

My grandma is 85. She wants me to house/catsit in a few week so she can go traveling again. How cool is that?
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Attention Jamie Bamber (and children), Katee Sackhoff, Tahmoh Penikett, Robbie McNeill, Myles Heistad, and assorted others. Please no appearances in 12 hour marathon nightmares or any other nightmares. Thank you.
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Huh. Maybe seeing lousy movies pays off. Sure, I had wacky dreams, but they weren't nightmares, just weird. I was able to go back in time to a show that I never actually did at the community theatre where I used to work. [ profile] seino_chan and [ profile] racetrack0 were both in it and I got to see them. I was in charge of costumes, which I never did. But perhaps most importantly, Shawn DeHart, who I knew then and had a crush on, and who died several years ago of meningitis while on tour, was there and I got to talk to him. And sort of say goodbye. I knew in the dream that he was going to die, but he was there and alive and it was good. It was a sweet weird dream instead of the terrifying ones I usually have and I rather liked it. *Smiles*
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Another day, another dollar...No, that implies money...

Weird conversation with [ profile] corchen (WTF, darling?) and then to bed for nightmares about Ellen Tigh being a Cylon and having a Cylon baby, which looked like a mechanical spider and trying to kill it because the Cylons killed Saul and most of the rest of the crew of Galactica, and also taking a drawing class for summer school that started at 8:45am and included Erica, the one friend I lost when I came out. Whee!

Going to scrub the tub, put on sunblock, and head out for mouse feedage and strawberry shortcake. Yes, I'm going back for more, I'm a shortcake whore.
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Didn't actually end up sleeping on the modem room floor. Lay there in the dark for about two hours and then decided to move back to bed.

Woke up at 7:30am, 8:15am, 9:40am, 10:50am, 12:17pm, and 1:07pm. I really thought I was past the age when I wasn't able to sleep through the night...Weird Midsummeresque nightmares. There was a bizarre little blonde girl who was having ten members of the production team go swim in the Chicago River with plastic Easter eggs and I was going to represent environmental issues...And a recurring one about the super secret formal wear section on the fourth floor of JC Penney's that you can only reach with a ladder. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Yeah, my subconscious is on the really, REALLY bad crack...

Got up and walked to Met for staples (milk, cream cheese, mayo, etc...) and FANTASTIC strawberry shortcake. Also sunblock, 'cause I'm gonna be out walking in the heat and sun a lot this week feeding [ profile] just_danceit and [ profile] akumakei's mice.

I'm trying to decide if I intend to do Pride tomorrow. On the one hand, it's probably wacky fun, on the other, it's going to be rather warm tomorrow and I'm just about due and I'm pretty sure that doing a parade with cramps is not high on my to-do list, AND getting to campus for the forty-five minute van ride at 8:45am is ickiness. So, hey look! A poll!

[Poll #755454]
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Apparently my body decided that now would be a spiffyass time to turn into [ profile] lornelover and sleep all the way through the day. Fell asleep at about 7:15am, woke up at 9am, 10:50am, and 7pm. Weird ass cruise ship dreams again, this time involving mostly people with whom I went to elementary school. And my grandma.
I think my family should be back in the US today, but I haven't heard from them yet.

[ profile] lornelover, weekend plans?
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Ow. Ow. Fucking OW.

I have a giant infected sore on my lip where I bit it. It's swollen, it hurts like hell, and I can't really move my mouth, which precludes eating and talking. Which is a bitch.

I slept poorly, as usual, horrific nightmares about corpses being stolen from their caskets and dimension hopping and looking in the mirror to discover huge burnt pustules all over my chest. Ew, ew, very very ew. Pretty sure I screamed in my sleep again.

I think there was a happy dream in there somewhere and it involved due South bloopers and PG and CKR naked.

Went to the library for more Orbis books, ran into Mike and talked to him for a bit.

Housemate has a guest coming this evening, we'll see how that goes.
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Seriously lazy today. Intended to get up and shower and do dishes. Instead, woke up briefly and then fell asleep again and basically dozed until about 2. Had wacky nightmares about housemates and their significant others and a truly horrible one about schools banning Shakespeare. Woke up out of that one completely horrified and am still working on getting out of it.

1-0 Oilers! Yay Canada!
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Mmm...nightmares. Packing and moving, also there was an evil society where children were routinely hurt and there was a defenestration officer. In charge of throwing miscreant kids out of windows. *Facepalm*

Hour and a half till meeting, think I'm going to do lunch on campus.

[ profile] corchen, I'll be back around 5:15pm, my time. I'm sorry, this is two sucky days in a row. If it makes you feel any better, I'd rather be in bed nursing my cramps and writing with you than walk over to my meeting...

The sound card problem with my computer is getting worse. The headphone/stereo plug has to be rigged to a certain position to get any sound at all. This is bad, as I a) listen to all my music and b)watch all my movies on my computer. This is two computers in a row that have gone to this particular hell and this one has no excuse.
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Let's see...

Um...Did a little more work on my room. Wrote a little more. Watched bits of Narnia. Cleared space so that I can use my heater. Was thoroughly freaked out by noises upstairs (nothing actually there). Eventually fell asleep on computer. Again. Massive nightmares about my mother dying. Repeatedly. And her gravestone following me around. And my dad dying. And other people dying. Suffice it to say, not much good sleep was had. Was woken up by actual footsteps upstairs this morning and went up to discover that the refrigerator came early. Yay. Now I'm draped all over the window sill again in order to have internet for a while. [ profile] lornelover, call me if you feel like going shopping today...
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My body's newest trick involves waking up about once an hour after the first three hours of sleep. This on top of the return of the nightmares. I'm now fairly convinced that my nightmares only show up when I'm bored, i.e. not working on a major project. This could prove problematic later in life and I'm wondering what I can do about it.
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I wanna go back to sleep, even if I was having seriously creepy ass dreams. (Drowning in one's own bathroom, problem. Being caught in a weird ass video-game where it isn't violence that counts, it's folding and putting away your armour, problem. Being unable to get food at my wacky nightmare version of the SUB, problem.) But I need to get up and clean, I said I would, today. I should also go and get food, since it's pretty likely that lunch will be my only meal today. Feh.

Peter Eldridge and Kim Nazarian, of New York Voices, concert last night was orgasmically good. Sat there and grinned and glowed. I bought Peter Eldridge's latest CD, which is really hard to find and had it autographed. The New York Voices will be at Jazz Alley in Seattle a week from Tuesday and Wednesday and I'm kind of dying to go. Wednesday would probably be better since colour models are due on Wednesday which probably means I'll be spending Tuesday night hauling ass to get it done. Man, that was such a great concert. It was criminal how few people were there, there were more people at Campus Films. What does that say?

Also saw The Producers finally last night. It was great. Wacky, wacky fun for theatre people. Gary Beach and Roger Bart were SO good, I heart them mightily.

[ profile] lornelover and I hit the Cellar for food and then went back to Suite, Sweet Suite and I finally got to finish season four of Due South. Dude, the almighty gay. Wow.

Anyhoo, time to stop distracting myself by writing and actually doo the things I need to do, so my parents don't kill me when they show up on Thursday.
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Two and a half hours of nap, two and a half hours of nightmares. The first one involved a warm day on-campus and rehearsing a number involving [ profile] lornelover, [ profile] racetrack0, and [ profile] amaresu.
The second one involving a sunken cruise ship, broken families, gangs, a tv show, and underage porn. Whee. My subconscious is full of crack. A little less than two hours before I go to meeting to have my ass handed to me. Whoopdeedoo.
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Augh! Creepy weird dreams involving harems and social anxiety and the bookstore and theatre and prophecy and weddings and beaches...

And now, much to do. Complete models, tech scholarship, cocoa, Eiko handout...
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I think that for the first time in about nine months I had a dream that wasn't a nightmare. Wow. I dreamt that I met Chris Eccleston, which, for the record, could happen in real life and that wouldn't bother me at all...

Oh, and Paula Abdul was a hermaphrodite. Just saying...
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Mmmm...Kate nightmares again, combined with something about STF that involved at least two Ryan Tanseys and a 22-minute long cold reading scene. The Kate part had something to do with adding a faculty AD and she told me that I wasn't the first choice for student AD, that person had gotten hurt or something, and she didn't want me on the production at all. And I couldn't get my laptop to plug in. Gah.
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Nightmares...Oh, nightmares...First there was the weird dancing field trip with the ending up in a van that had to drop people off in Oregon before taking me home and then there was the driver turned into a tree and was turning other people into slobbering ickies, except that I had "Russian eyes" and so was a princess. And I finally got home but I had missed all kinds of things. Then, moved on to the going back to high school to do a show but everything was all messed up and we couldn't find the light board and then when we found it, we couldn't find the power cord and cues weren't written into the script legibly and the cue numbers didn't say what each cue was supposed to be. And instead of a normal house, there was a scaffolding and the audience were supposed to sit in little cars and there were doors that had to swing open so they could see, even though the shows were on the stage floor and there were two turntables but we couldn't get them to work together and somehow the curtains moved with them, but not with them, and we had to figure out which of six movements would get the stage to look like we wanted it to. Malika was hanging the curtains and she kept doing really unsafe things on ladders. And Patrick was there and so was Annette, but they couldn't help with things and I was barefoot in the shop, which is very very bad and the play was about menstruation and I had to go onstage naked and it was WEIRD.
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Holy frakked up nightmares, Batman!
Dude. My subconscious is trippy. Nightmare the first involved a funeral at an outdoor location. We were there to help set up, but we had to be careful, because some of the lightbulbs were mined. Then, there were people who were very very late, we all ended up in the very polluted water, and someone was trying to kill us because we allowed dogs at the funeral. We were cleaning up and it turned out that a little girl had been raped and so she sat down to talk to her parents and it turned out that her father wasn't her biological father, I was (now male). So we set off in my house on wheels. There was an electric piano, a visit to a creepy all-night ice cream stand, and more rape in various flashbacks. Whee.
Nightmare the second involved a role play, the FBI, Lee Adama, an evil princess out to destroy the world, various coffee beverages, and lots of fire.

My forehead hurts. My brain hurts.
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Woke up, got up, tried to shake extremely vivid dreams...A giant science museum with one floor dedicated to diseases, one to mold, and one to music. [ profile] lornelover, [ profile] amaresu, and I were there, for no apparent reason. We met one of my friends from middle school who I haven't heard from since the SATs, and then we escaped over a wall...And then there was another museum, this one music and art and I was there on a field trip with my elementary school, but they thought I was an intern and they let me use the sound equipment while everyone else was working on giant found object art pieces that involved giant push pins and things kept falling down. Then there was a juried painting show and somehow I won, even though the other two competitive pieces were much more interesting. I just did a portrait of one of the visual artists at my high school, the other girl had a piece where the stars were nipples and the guy's piece was based on the Hercules myth and was at the moment when the snakes are attacking the baby Hercules but someone in the distance was sending a bolt of magic to stop them and I kept ending up inside the painting. The judges went into a corner to confer but there was a microphone in the corner, so everyone in the gallery could hear them consulting...And people wonder why I never look like I've slept enough.

Spent the rest of the day to this point riding herd on my brother to get him to do his math homework. Gah. He's so mouthy and he refuses to work and I have no actual jurisdiction over him and he knows it, so he goofs off. Grrr...

Now I'm curled up on the couch with my tea and the beginnings of an outline for an hour-long dramedy about a Quaker family living in the Appalachians, inspired by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Appalachian Snowfall".

January 2015



I Cannot Hide What I Am

I must be sad when I have cause and smile
at no man's jests, eat when I have stomach and wait
for no man's leisure, sleep when I am drowsy and
tend on no man's business, laugh when I am merry and
claw no man in his humour...
I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in
his grace, and it better fits my blood to be
disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob
love from any: in this, though I cannot be said to
be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied
but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with
a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I
have decreed not to sing in my cage. If I had my
mouth, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do
my liking: in the meantime let me be that I am and
seek not to alter me.

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