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For completeness sake:
1. The Scarlet Pimpernel/the infamous towel scene/Jamie's Bare Skin Not Bearskin ad
2. A candid in the makeup trailer during Katee's run on CSI
3. Literal fan service, taken by an actor on Body of Proof for the clamoring Bamber fans on Twitter.
4. Cally's hair was too perfect for this.
5. Cast photo for Michael Trucco
6. Law and Order|UK Someone give the lad a hug, aye?
7. 17th Precinct
8. Katee at the Furball at the Skirball Kitten Rescue event
9. How I Married My High School Crush aka The Wedding Wish
10. Katee and Michelle Trachenberg on set of Sexy Evil Genius

1. Action Girl, CSI, Det. Frankie Reed
2. Knight in Sour Armor, Outcasts, Mitchell Hoban
3. Lad-ette, Katee in training for the LALa Ride
4. Estrogen Brigade Bait, Un Jour Mon Pere Viendra, Stephen
5. Star-crossed Lovers, CSI, Frankie Reed/L&O|UK, Matt Devlin

1. Dollhouse
2. Sexy Evil Genius
3. Hornblower
4. 24
5. Un Jour Mon Pere Viendra
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*The crossover icon features a line from Terminator
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Fire Partners Party Winter Eyes
Funny Shy Foreign Double Night

"She's Like the Wind", Patrick Swayze "No Air", Jordin Sparks "The Masochism Tango", Tom Lehrer "Love Lies Bleeding", Elton John "My Life Would Suck Without You", Kelly Clarkson

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candid epic cranky attack space
red chair pose near large text

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Wrath Lust Envy Sloth Pride

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So, I finished my MA essay draft about five minutes ago. It is therefore a perfect time for me to write some more! ... ... Oh my life.

Anyway, this is fun in my brain writing, not academic writing and that makes all the difference in the world.

Important piece of info so I only sound slightly crazy, not psychologically disturbed: I RP Kara "Starbuck" Thrace in an LJ RP community. So when I say that there's a fighter jock in my head, it's not a comment on multiple personalities, it's just a pup

Today, the lovely and talented Geek Girl Diva posted a link on Twitter to a new statue of a character from Zach Snyder's upcoming film, Sucker Punch. I will confess off the top that I knew exactly 0 about the film going into this (I now know slightly more).

The blurb about the sculpt includes the information that this includes "authentic flight suit costuming". The badass Viper jock in my head fell out of her chair laughing and couldn't stop. The detail-oriented feminist (that would be me) started to catalogue the things that are wrong with this picture, from the perspective of that Viper jock.

Why in the universe would you want to wear fishnets in the cockpit for hours on end?
The chaps would just chafe in awkward places
There's nowhere to put an emergency you've-been-on-CAP-for-7-hours bathroom alternative (VERY IMPORTANT)
The laces up the sides mean that it must take ages to get into and how is that good when the alert is called and you should be out of bed and in the cockpit in 20 minutes or less?
It's not like there's a) air or b) heat in the cockpit, so having a bare midriff is the stupidest thing ever. (Even if you're an atmospheric pilot not a space pilot, there's a reason there's a flight suit, and that reason is protection. This suit? No protection. If there's a spark and something on your instrument panel catches fire, do you really want a toasted tummy?)
Corsetry? When you're stuffed into a ship for hours?
If you have to constantly switch between rudder and thrust and braking pedals, why would you wear HEELS? (Also applies to crash situations where who knows what conditions you're hiking through)
She has a gun, but she doesn't appear to have anywhere to keep it, which is just dumb. (Sidenote: If there is in fact a shoulder holster on her other side, it's still dumb because how do you handle the controls when there's a gun restricting your arm movements on your left side?)
The crossed straps in the back would be easy to tangle which is not good for speed dressing, and if they got tangled and then you were forced to lean back on them for a 5-7 hour CAP shift?
Plus, who wants something that buckles behind them?
The low zip on the top provides 0 protection against things like bullets in ground situations
Kara ejected into space and crashed on a low atmosphere desert moon. If she had been wearing this, she would be extremely dead. (Once again, even if you fly in atmo, this suit is going to offer you no protection against sharp things, hard things, being slammed around by crash forces, or anything else)
If she was being dragged along by her 'chute and caught her knee on a sharp rock (as happened to Kara and could happen to any ejecting pilot) she wouldn't've broken her knee, she would've lost everything below that knee wearing this.
Your flightsuit should be at least semi-comfortable because you shouldn't be thinking about the thing digging into your boob when you're pulling 3 or 4g's.
It has no pockets. Where are you supposed to keep your pencil and notebook and cigars and lighter and gum and first aid kit and stuff?

Now, I did look up the film after all the ranting. Jess suggested that the movie is based on a comic, which wouldn't be an excuse, but it might be an explanation at least. It isn't though, it's an original from the guy who brought you 300.
Here's an actual promo shot of the costume:

I read the plot synopsis which sort of answered some questions and brought up a whole set of new ones. Apparently a lot of the movie takes place in the imaginations of a group of girls in an asylum in the 50s. So, imagination kind of helps with the practicality issues, from a design standpoint. It's unlikely that a girl in the 50s is going to imagine her flightsuit with appropriate practical military details. On the other hand, this is what I'm supposed to believe a girl, a young girl according to the plot summary, in the 1950s imagines a pilot looks like? Seriously?

(From a feminist film analysis perspective, notice that the outfit divides her body up into convenient bits, reducing her from a whole person to a collection of girl parts.)

And before anyone jumps down my throat, I am a third-wave feminist. I absolutely believe that women have the right to dress how ever they want to. If a woman wants to wear skintight and low-cut, more power to her. But this is pure fantasy material. If nothing else, it says that the girl doing the imagining is more interested in showing skin than in being able to do the job she imagines herself doing.

@GeekGirlDiva, yeah, if you're into that look, sure it's sexy. As a "sexy pilot" Halloween costume, sure. But in a major motion picture release that's touting being a film with all female leads (Congrats, Warner Bros., do you expect a gold star for that?) it's titillating without substance. Do we really need another woman prancing around in her underwear in a movie directed by a guy who's not exactly known for his sensitivity to female characters? Do we need another female character dressed like she'd fit better in a lad mag than anywhere else?

I'm irritated.

And exhausted. I'm going to put on some Mythbusters and go to sleep.
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aim wounded longing minor character off-centre
amused number full body green free

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"Shut Up and Kiss Me", Orianthi "Ring Ring", ABBA "I'm a Bitch", Meredith Brooks "Take It All Off", Jerry Herman "Smile", Lily Allen

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Okay, I flatly refuse to believe there isn't a connection between Tara Chace, lead character in Greg Rucka's Queen & Country series of comics and novels, and Kara Thrace, of BSG 2003. Since Tara Chace came first, I have to believe that someone on the BSG writing team (and my suspicions run towards Ron Moore or David Eick) was a fan of Q&C and based Kara on Tara.

Here's a character profile:
Street smart, tough, good looking, rule breaking, self-abusive blonde with severe issues with her mother, drinks to excess, smokes, fucks around, loves to paint but not little art pieces, giant wall-sized splattering pieces where the paint gets all over her, sniper, best at what she does, involved with a younger man who dies and leaves her with an extra ton of emotional baggage. In love with her CO the whole time, even during the affair with the younger man.

Yeah. That's too close for there not to be a connection.
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GIP brought about by the amazing popularity of the Shape icon I did for [ profile] bsg_20in20
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For some reason, this round came incredibly quickly. This round, I tried to make my sets more set-like, cohesive themes through the five artist's choice and category icons.


Black & White One Color: Blue Crazy Fragile Ship
Shape Hands Good Mood Tiny Text Outdoors

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DIRK BENEDICT DOESN'T APPROVE OF RECENT BSG SERIES BECAUSE STARBUCK IS A WOMAN! (Also possibly because she's a way better actor, gets more tail, and is approximately ninety bafrillion times more badass and awesome than he is)
I mean... wait... We've known that since like 2003. WHY IS THIS NEWS?!

Speaking of Our Lady of Perpetual Bad Career Choices Katee Sackhoff, it's UpFronts week, has anyone seen or heard anything about Boston's Finest?

Also on the BSG alumni front, Jamie Bamber gets BBC sci-fi series filmed in...South Africa? Okay, sure! He may even be the resident stud, wouldn't that be fun and different?

In more serious news, the world continues to fail at gender in almost all possible ways, but especially the WTF AAP?! way. Read this. Then this. And this. Then come up with a way that we can make our displeasure VERY LOUDLY KNOWN.
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Title: Taking Chances (Academy!verse)
Written because I was trying to write my paper and the plotbunny wouldn't shut up. Warn for massive angst (post-Daybreak). I cried for like an hour straight. (So much snot) Hope you like. (This is the song/poem that inspired it: Taking Chances. OMG, I wrote song!fic...)

What do you say? )
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opponents friends dark light non-100x100
door confused motion faceless lonely

Back Pecs Eye Cheek Mouth

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Talked to my Sci-Fi and Horror Cinema prof after class about what I should choose as my final paper topic, hoping she'd have a preference, since I'm having trouble deciding. Her response? "They both sound really interesting" Thanks, Professor, that would be why I'm looking at them. I'm not really interested in writing 20 pages of pedantic crap as my final.
So, I turn to you, loyal readers, and the ultimate arbiter of rightness in the world, the LJ poll. (On the understanding that if I have a change of heart, I get to do that, 'cause it's my paper)

[Poll #1520965]
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Awesome concert is awesome. Also VERY NERDY. Saturday night, I went to Bear McCreary's free Music of Battlestar Galactica Concert. Got there waaaaaaaaaay early, expecting your typical sci-fi fans line. No such matter. Ended up with seats in the fourth row, great view of the stage, and listened to an hour+ of soundcheck. I never get tired of 'Watchtower'. It's an awesome outdoor venue called the California Plaza Watercourt. It's basically a ginormous fountain with a stage-like space in the middle of it. Very cool. Brendan's Band opened for them, as usual. I actually enjoyed his part a lot more this year than last year, it seemed... more polished? Maybe in the outdoor space there was less echo so I got more of the lyrics? I don't know, but it was good. I love that Raya sings with them too. Then we took an intermission (weird place to put it, I don't know) and when we returned... the Battlestar Orchestra! Yaaaaay! It's fantastic watching a group of studio musicians totally rock out to the best TV score out there. The lead violinist/fiddler in particular headbangs while he plays and really gets into it. (And he recognized me from last year's concert! *squee*) I love the special woodwinds (Dudek! Bagpipes!) but it's really the percussion that nails it for me. They did 'Prelude to War' from "Pegasus" for the first time live and it was AWESOME. Every time they play 'Wander My Friends/Adama Theme' I get all teary. Also, Bear soloed Dreilade Thrace's 1st Piano Sonata, from "Someone to Watch Over Me", its first ever performances as a whole piece, since there were only snippets in the ep. They did a piece from Caprica that didn't really grab me in the same way that the BSG score does, but I'm sure that won't stop me from getting the album. After all, it's Bear McCreary. Bear also confirmed that 'Gaeta's Lament' will be the first cut on the Season 4 soundtrack that comes out next month (FINALLY). Wish they could've gotten AJ to come and sing it. Brendan McCreary rocks, but it wasn't written for him. I hope hope hope that it'll be AJ on the album. Hands down, the best part of this year's concert


was when they got to 'Heeding the Call', the Final Five activation piece, and KATEE MOTHERFRAKKING SACKHOFF came out and duetted the piano section from "Someone to Watch Over Me" with Bear McCreary. I was a happy happy fangirl.


Michael Nankin, Michael Rymer, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, and Luciana Carro were all there, along with Bear and Raya's families.

It was schnifty to see [ profile] willskyfall again, ([ profile] sithjawa, you were missed) and to actually get to talk to [ profile] ziqueenmab, which I hadn't gotten to do before.

All told, awesome evening, even if I did get lost in the maze of one way streets that is Downtown LA, again. Rock on, Bear McCreary, rock on.
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[ profile] sithjawa, [ profile] willskyfall are you going to the BSG concert tomorrow? And if so, what time are you planning to be there? The internet tells me that they don't open up main seating until 2 hours before the event, but I feel like there will be major line-age by then. I was figuring about 2:30-3? Let me know, I know at least one of y'all has my phone number, so texting/calling is always an option!
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So, I have a ticket to go see Ron Moore speak at the WGA on Tuesday night. With the six thousand other things this week, I don't wanna overload, and I think it likely that the man will be at the prop auction preview on Thursday, too. What do y'all think?

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Wow. Just... wow.

I know what the show is like and what the creators and actors are like, but the Battlestar Galactica panel at the UN just completely blew me away. Two hours and fifteen minutes of the effect of a popular medium in bringing up for discussion subjects that the pros can't make people discuss. I hope it'll be available for many many rewatches. My mind is blown. Again

January 2015



I Cannot Hide What I Am

I must be sad when I have cause and smile
at no man's jests, eat when I have stomach and wait
for no man's leisure, sleep when I am drowsy and
tend on no man's business, laugh when I am merry and
claw no man in his humour...
I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in
his grace, and it better fits my blood to be
disdained of all than to fashion a carriage to rob
love from any: in this, though I cannot be said to
be a flattering honest man, it must not be denied
but I am a plain-dealing villain. I am trusted with
a muzzle and enfranchised with a clog; therefore I
have decreed not to sing in my cage. If I had my
mouth, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do
my liking: in the meantime let me be that I am and
seek not to alter me.

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